Senior Portraits

"If their feet aren't in the right place, at least their hearts are."
- Unknown



At Cunningham Studio, we photograph hundreds of  High School Seniors from over 36 area High Schools every year.  Our "Split Sessions", have revolutionized the High School Senior market in the Spokane area.  With our "Split Sessions", High School Seniors can have their annual photos taken before school starts in the summer, and then come back in to the studio in the WINTER to have the rest of their "SENIOR" portraits taken.  Two sessions for the price of one and all at no extra cost.  At Cunningham Studio we have provided quality Senior Portraits for Spokane area students since 1950.  We want you to remember that it is your senior portrait not ours.  Browse the pages and links here to find out about your senior portraits.

At Cunningham Studio we set the standard in quality with our retouching and finishing services.  Unlike others who charge extra for retouching your portrait and have never learned how to finish your portrait, we retouch all portraits you order from and then preserve them with our lacquer finish.  You can even pour Coca-Cola on our portraits without damaging them.  Visit us and learn what Quality really looks like!  We have our negatives on file back to 1950 for your protection.

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